The underlying architecture of blockchain, backend development, and hardware interfaces are already quite mature, while the establishment of artificial intelligence and content scenarios is constantly improving. A large number of collaborative partners, new business models, new content, technology vendors, and new service providers are emerging from all directions.

Web3.0 is unstoppable! The mission of technological innovation is to improve human living conditions, and under this core demand, the supply chain can continue to emerge. When high-quality ideas gradually form a new trend, speculators will be the first to sniff out this scent. They use human FOMO (fear of missing out) and greed-based tactics to create a bloody storm of unwitting investors.

Indeed, after the hype and speculation subsides, valuable and potentially revolutionary inventions emerge. For example, after the baptism of cryptocurrencies, what remains is the importance and discussion of transparent digitization and electronic wallets in national monetary policies. The concept of the metaverse has spawned immersive scenarios, breaking through the time and space limitations that humans have been unable to overcome in the physical world for many years, and creating unlimited possibilities for daily life. After the hype around NFTs, what remains is the true power of smart contracts, the original technology of immutability, uniqueness, and limited supply in blockchain, greatly reducing the likelihood of deception and human tampering, and increasing trust in cooperation. Technology creates integrity and loyalty!

The innovation of technology was originally intended to improve the quality of life. Entrepreneurs use technology to provide better services to gain market share, and then the government establishes laws and regulations to prevent the misuse of technology, so that people can truly benefit from the progress brought by technology.

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the already exhausted economic order, but at the same time, it gave birth to a brand new economic system. Our team also encountered the wave of the Metaverse in the gap, using blockchain technology to seek opportunities for breakthroughs. With the promotion of smart contracts on Web3.0 in blockchain, the application scenarios of NFTs are becoming increasingly widespread, and commercial use is becoming more frequent. In addition, with the popularization of self-media and personal IPs, the demand for blockchain, Metaverse, Web3.0, NFTs, DAOs, and others needs to be greatly stimulated. And we have completely mastered the entire supply chain product technology of blockchain technology, becoming the most complete blockchain business model ecosystem technology supplier in the world. We are committed to becoming a benchmark in the industry and ready to provide the lowest cost and most efficient services for companies of all sizes to transform towards the Web3.0 trend.